About Paddy

You may contact Paddy via e-mail at paddy7ref@gmail.com
You may donate to Paddy's ministry by clicking on this link to REF. [If you are using a phone, you will need to scroll right to see the link for making donations.]

Men Who Know Paddy Cook

"I know Paddy Cook as a warm-hearted Christian whose gifts and zeal impel him to evangelism, to disciple the converted and to train and equip others for action in both these fields of ministry.
A well-developed sense of fun adds attractiveness to the businesslike style of his work for God. He finds his deepest fulfillment in Christian service and has much to give. I heartily recommend him..."

Dr. J. I. Packer, D. Phil., D. D. (hon.)
Professor of Systematic Theology
Regent College

"If any individuals or churches are considering whether to participate in any way to the ministry of Paddy Cook, I am more than happy to add my enthusiastic endorsement. I have known Paddy for more than 25 years, first when he attended the L'Abri in Switzerland (1971) under Dr. Francis Schaeffer and later in many different places and ministries.
He is a man of deep faith, strong integrity, and great faithfulness who combines an old-fashioned passion for the gospel with an unforced freshness and originality of style that is both appealing and effective. Paddy reaches people for Christ whom few others today could even approach. To work with or support Paddy Cook will be a fruitful investment in the growth of the Kingdom of God."
Dr. Os Guinness Ph.D. Executive
Executive Director of The Trinity Forum

"I first came to know Paddy when he was a student at Covenant Seminary (1973) in St. Louis and I was one of his professors there. I was also privileged to participate in his ordination service on Grand Cayman Island a number of years ago.
Paddy has always manifested a zeal for evangelism. From his student days right down to this past year in the Kansas City area, he has shown unusual boldness in his willingness and ability to testify to the Lordship of Christ in a variety of circumstances. He has also developed effective methods of training lay people in evangelism. Paddy Cook is worthy of support in his ministry for the Presbyterian Evangelist Fellowship …" (Now known as REF - Reformed Evangelistic Fellowship).
Dr. William S. Barker Ph.D.
Academic Dean
Westminster Theological Seminary

"Ever since I met Paddy, some 24 years ago now, I have admired his love for the Lord and his deep commitment to evangelism. One person who came to Christ after meeting Paddy said that he was the most compassionate man she had ever met. He sees how harassed and helpless people are without Christ, and yet, rather than condemning or despising them he longs to make God's truth known to them.
He communicates this truth to unbelievers with respect and gentleness, as the Scripture commands, but also with conviction and passion. It is a pleasure to commend Paddy to you as an evangelist and as a teacher of evangelism."
Jerram Barrs
Director Francis Schaeffer Institute
Professor of Christianity & Contemporary Culture
Covenant Theological Seminary

“Dear Paddy. You underrate yourself – the Lord has given you an excellent mind and you are brilliant as a communicator. Add this to a sense of humor and the courage of a warrior and it makes you a formidable servant of the Most High God.”
Laurie McIntosh
Dubbo, Australia